Green office practices:

  1. Waste paper recycled
  2. Most computers are switched off at night and fitted with energy saving extension leads to switch off all other devices e.g. calculators etc
  3. Printer cartridges are recycled at cartridge world
  4. Computers are kept for as long as practically possible by upgrading rather than replacing
  5. Invoices etc are stored electronically to save on paper

Green production practices:

  1. Our high volume timbers, Beech & Cherry, are all from UK sources and as such are controlled by Forestry Commission re-planting programmes.
  2. Our high volume brushes are all packed in recyclable printed polypropylene and carry the recycle symbol.
  3. The bulk of our despatches use recycled outer cartons.
  4. Our new shaving range features packs made from 100% recycled card
  5. All cardboard is recycled
  6. All the saw dust that we produce is turned into chipboard for use in the construction trade.
  7. We have installed low voltage energy efficient lighting throughout our factory.