The importance of bristle

Kent sources only the finest natural boar bristle from India and China, where it is a by-product. Good quality boar bristles have a natural stiffness to brush thoroughly yet "give" as they are drawn through the hair, and are renowned for their strength and resilience. The quality of boar bristle varies considerably. Bristles are judged by their stiffness. When the hair is collected from the boar, the best quality and the most expensive are the bristles found closest to the body.

Bristle maintains good hair condition in many ways. Firstly, it keeps hair clean. When looking under a microscope, bristle looks very much like fish scales. These scales pick up dirt, pollution and excess hair products from the hair.

Bristle also stimulates the scalp and the red blood cells situated there - this naturally encourages hair growth. Finally, by brushing with bristle, the natural oils (sebum) that are produced in your scalp are released and distributed along the hair shaft, keeping hair healthy, shiny and glossy, thus preventing dull-looking hair and frizzy split ends. Natural boar bristle will never damage human hair as they are both made of the same protein.

All our bristle brushes are hand trimmed in the Kent factory; this means every bristle is a slightly different length, which creates an uneven surface to the brush. This enables it to penetrate hair perfectly reaching deep down to the scalp.

Pure bristles should not be used on wet hair as the bristles will not penetrate effectively.

Badger Hair

We do not use bristle from the English Badger, nor have we ever done so, as it is a protected species.

Badger bristle traditionally comes from Manchuria, China. In these remote areas the badger is regarded as vermin and numbers are controlled by culling. This species is definitely not endangered or protected, and Kent is, and always has been most concerned that our raw materials satisfy every criteria of environmental and ecological protection. Badger hair is still the softest and most resilient material to use for shaving brushes, thus regarded as the best.

We are most concerned that our raw materials satisfy every criteria of environmental and ecological protection.